Stuff I've Made 

Squid table - welded and forged with gears and a Japanese brown patina. Approximately 35" wide, 30" tall.
Cog table - fullered, blacksmith legs, recycled flanges, plasma cut top. I like the juxtaposition of organic and industrial here.
Blacksmith scrolls welded into hearts, reclaimed wood as seat bench. My "Literal Loveseat"

Bench - before finishing

After finishing.

I painted the bench to match the previously built ferris wheel chair also on my porch. 



I took a furniture design class last semester. This is the bench I made with a team of other students. I did all the welding and made the wooden seat.

Rebuilt vs. Original

I salvaged the legs of the original chair and rebuilt the seat. 



Rebuild #1

Rebuild #2

When the second of my plastic chairs broke, I re-used those legs as well to create another chair. 



Tree table

I finished my tig class projects 2 months early.  My instructor started me on tube fabication.  My tubes stared to look like tree branches so I ran with it...



I plasma cut about 30 or 40 leaves and hand welded the veins for more realism.  



Leaf Detail

Closeup of the tabletop's leafy flat surface. Click on the photo to further enlarge.



Mosaic table. It has a plexiglass surface that isn't in the photograph.

Nightstand table 



Plasma cut table: legs were made from plasma cut sections welded together and rectangular tubing. 



Ferris Wheel inspired chair before painting. 



Same chair after painting. 



A friend wanted a table that wouldn't fly off his 30th floor balcony.

Table is 27 1/2" tall, 20" wide at the base. 



City Scape table.



It means coziness- both physically and in the heart 3>
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