Repair Jobs/Industrial Applications

F Wrench

My husband had a valve that had to be turned 100 times and he needed more torque.  He said it worked!



Davit Arm

Admittedly, not the best photograph but this shows the completed davit arm I build for the loft of my garage.  We attached a winch to it and it lifts the snow-thrower up to the loft in the off season.  It swivels and has held up to 300lbs so far with no problems. And yes, that's a velvet cozy I made for my welder.  :)




This was the only section of railing still intact.  The other 3 points of contact were rusted completely through. 





Prior to welding, I wire-brushed all the old paint and rust off.  

I cut the bottom 4" off and welded steel square tubing and a baseplate to each leg.  The railing was wrought iron so I had to use nickel rods and be careful to avoid cracking the iron.  

Final product

Railing was primed and painted prior to reattaching.  



Someone had a steel 40" brake to bend sheet metal. They wanted it in aluminum.
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