4' tall bookshelf

Scrap metal flower made of industrial parts and leftover blacksmithed scraps

Key Hooks, forged and welded to back plate

Eighth Note wall hanging

Fire Pit, 18" square at the bottom of the fire tray.

4' tall "Hi" sign

I purchased a sign, same dimensions custom made for me on Etsy.  The craftsmanship was poor (flimsy in sheet metal) and I vowed to remake it but better.  Here it is, in 1/8" thick steel varying textures.  



Hand Railing

The rear of my home had no hand rail.  This was my first attempt at bending square tubing.  



Initial wall hanging

Yard Art flower made from scraps

Scrap metal Pteranodon

Photo taken by College of DuPage on "Dino Day" where students make dinosaurs out of scrap metal. 



Scrap metal Pteranodon cleaned up and painted.  I let my daughter choose the color. 



Completed railing

Completed railing installed

House Numbers

More House Numbers

Hinged Mailbox with House Numbers

Fire Pit

Fire Pit in use

Steel log to radiate heat in the fire pit.

A dvd holder, one of the first things I ever built.  When i first started welding, I didn't want to end up with a bunch of odds and ends with wacky welds so I tried to make my practice functional.  I've since improved but the dvd holder is still standing.

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