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  • David Ellis (Wednesday, October 11 17 02:12 pm EDT)

    Would you consider using your talent to build some furniture for the new food court going into the TEC building? I could design a course WELD1820 that we could substitute for WELD1160 Skills assessment. I would like to work some electricity in to the design for light and phone / laptop charging. Ill catch you Monday.

  • MOM (Wednesday, June 28 17 05:09 pm EDT)

    Wow, so many projects already. Love them all. KMART even responded? Now you will be selling to big stores too? So cool. knew you could do it.

  • Michelle (Wednesday, June 28 17 04:18 pm EDT)

    Everything looks great!

  • daniel nevins (Wednesday, June 28 17 01:52 pm EDT)

    I like your gallery of projects

  • KMart (Wednesday, June 28 17 01:38 pm EDT)

    You continue to amaze me! Keep up the great work. We will see your name in galleries across the nation before we know it. HUGS

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